Spring Break

Something about London in the sunshine brings a new sense of optimism. It’s kind of like a new beginning, the first three months were just a practice run at 2017, best to click the restart button and try again in April. Nobody really wanted to give up all their bad habits and go to the gym in bitter cold, rainy January anyway.

I’ve packed away my boots and winter coats in a big suitcase hidden in the back of the storage cupboard and fished out my scrappy sandals and summer dresses. I’m one of those people who is always cold. I love nothing more than being wrapped up in something cosy and I refuse to sacrifice my jeans until temperatures have gone well above 20ºc. But, this year, I’m determined to get the summer clothes out sooner. So far, the sun has been shining down on London, making this a little easier, so if the weather could continue to co-operate, that would be great!

Spring Break has finally arrived and it is a very welcome mini break. Yes, it should be a fortnight, which would be a very long mini break, but with the America trip now down to twenty weeks away, it’s all work, work, work in my world. I’m not complaining, I’m really lucky to have been able to arrange plenty of sideline nannying jobs, (which I love), so I can keep topping up the funds, but, I am really looking forward to the end of next week and the four day weekend when I’m going on an actual mini break, I can’t wait for four whole days not thinking about work.

So.. twenty weeks to America! So far we’ve booked 50% of the accommodation, the car, the flights and this week I’ve even started buying dollars. I think thats a lot to achieve in six weeks! I will say, having this trip on the horizon has been really effective in making me as productive as possible. I wish I was this good at working extra and putting money away “for a rainy day”! I have been treating myself to a few bits and pieces for my holiday wardrobe, but I’m trying not to go too wild too soon, or I’ll be fed up of my new things by the time August rolls around. (“Just under twenty weeks” sounds a lot less than “just under five months”, doesn’t it).

Anyway, It’s become pretty clear I’m a little flakey when it comes to updating The London Chapters. Then again the gaps are becoming smaller, so I’m improving, right?! So the last gap was 11 weeks, this gap less than six, maybe I’ll be back in less than three. Maybe. It’s a work in progress.


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