The Inconsistent Blogger

The last thing I wrote (you know.. nearly 11 weeks ago) was a long rambling post all about my intentions to write more frequently. To capture more moments. Well… oops. 

Why, oh why, do I find it so difficult to channel my creativity into something productive? I like the thought of having this blog to look back on in the weeks, months, years to come and I love reading the few posts from the last six months. Still, when something wonderful and worth remembering comes along.. I can’t seem to find the words or perhaps, the way to format the words I have into something readable!

Tonight, I have that “I really want to do something.. but I don’t know what I want to do” feeling, it’s so so so frustrating! I have plenty of things I could be doing, I certainly have lots of things I should be doing but, nothing’s really taking my fancy. So instead I thought I’d come here and have a little ramble and save some photos from the last couple of months. Because hey ho, an inconsistent blogger is still a blogger and memories collected here and there are still collected all the same.

I know it’s been nearly two months but, 2017 is here! And wow, it’s moving fast. We’re into the last few days of February already?! They say as you get older, time moves faster. But now, come on this is crazy, I’m in my early twenties and the the past year went double time, when I’m in my thirties and forties will every year seem to  last 3 months, 2 months, a week?

This week the sun made a little appearance in London and it’s made me so excited for all things Spring and Summer! Roll on days of strolling along Carnaby Street without Winter thermals and chattering teeth and oh my, trips to Hyde Park and Primrose Hill dressed in playsuits and summer shoes! Fantastic things are planned for this wonderful year and there is already one major countdown going down in this household…

A M E R I C A 

Oh my goodness, the excitement. I have never, ever been to anywhere in America despite dreaming up many trips, but, now it’s official, this time the trip I’ve dreamed up is actually happening, flights have even been booked! In just under six months we’re jetting off to the west coast for one big USA adventure. Planning is underway for one big road trip starting in San Francisco and then hitting Yosemite, LA, Vegas & San Diego. Flights into San Fran were super expensive so we decided to save money by flying into LA and then starting as we mean to go on with a big old road trip up to San Fran where we’ll begin our exploring! It’s so exciting making a big list of all the things we want to see and do. We’re then going to use this wish list to make our decision on what’s the best way to divide our time there. There is a little temptation to demand we spend at least 3/4 of the trip in Anaheim.. DISNEY, DISNEY, DISNEY! Must… resist… eek! All advice, tips and tricks about a West Coast trip are welcome, I want all the planning help I can get!

For now, it’s all about counting down the weeks, counting up the monies (save, save, save) and well, a little bit of counting calories (boooo). However, I want to be looking and feeling my best so for now I’m focusing on healthy eating, exercise and reducing (not removing) trips to the treat aisle! The chocoholic inside me wouldn’t quite allow me to quit goodies cold turkey. Of course Mr. is making this all the more difficult as whilst I’m trying to be good.. he’s bulking and can eat whatever he wants. Then again, I don’t have the discipline to go to the gym at all hours so.. either way, it’s a struggle haha!

So that’s all the updating done for now. Hopefully I won’t leave it so long this time around but… hmm, I won’t be promising anything. I’ll just say “soon“.


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