The Graduand 🎓

For the past three years, when people have asked me what I’m doing in London my answer has always been, “I’m studying here”. There’s something non-commital about being a student in the city. I’ve never truly felt like I lived here. I felt like I just, sort of, stayed here until the next school holiday or long weekend when I could run straight back home, hop on the tube, a train and a plane and within a few hours be back to home comforts. That is, of course, the smell of clean laundry no amount of Surf and Comfort can ever seem to replicate in my five bedroom student house with its 1970’s inspired decor and spider-infested outside toilet. Obviously there’s a perfectly fine inside toilet too. I don’t think in two years of living there I’ve ever actually stepped foot near the outside toilet, I’m giving the spiders all the privacy they need.

Today marks exactly three weeks since my final day “studying here” (which I celebrated with numerous cocktails which were definitely supposed to be shared, oops). So now I guess, it’s time to start really, 100%, living here. I don’t think the Uni bubble has fully burst yet, at the moment it just feels like I’m working my way through the summer and then the next stage can begin. The Summer of 2016 marks a transition from Graduate to Grown-Up for me, although, if I tell the truth, I’d be happy to let that transition play out for as lonnnnnnng as it would like to, haha! But one thing for sure is that I want to stay in London, to start the next adventure here.

For the moment, the transition mainly consists of work, work, work. Saying “Yes!” to each and every Nanny job I’m offered, every cover-shift singing “Let it Go” and dancing around in a classroom full of 3-5 year olds in at attempt to clear the overdraft which has nothing to do with me and is entirely Primark’s fault (Must avoid shopping centre… Can’t avoid shopping centre). But, some small, potentially crazy part of me misses writing, the deadlines, having something creative to work towards. I’ve blogged before, but the stresses of student life, assignments, assessments and, of course, the odd all nighter got in the away of any real dedication to regular updates and eventually I lost the motivation or inspiration to continue. This time, I hope I can create a sort of storage spot for all the memories made along the way, because so far as a graduate, I can hardly remember what day of the week it is.


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